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  • Performance Audit
  • Monthly Management
  • Consultancy

Performance-based Facebook and Instagram Advertising

We exist to do one thing and one thing only – help ecommerce businesses make more money from their Facebook and Instagram advertising.

We offer three services: a performance audit to establish where you’re currently underperforming, monthly management, where we operate your Facebook and Instagram ads for you, and consultancy, where one of our experts will guide your in-house team to success.

Are you frustrated with your current Facebook and Instagram performance, or just want to get back to what you really ❤️, running your ecommerce business?

Then The Ecommerce Profits are here to help. We’ll rebuild your Facebook account the right way, so you can focus on delivering a great product, and taking your business to the next level.

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Customer Stories

“Nelson’s (The Ecommerce Profit’s Co-Founder) knowledge of digital marketing is brilliantly practical. It’s rare to meet someone who is as comfortable designing strategies to grow companies…as they are at actually implementing marketing campaigns from the ground-up. He’s particularly skilled at breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand explanations…That’s a rare mix to find!”

Shaaz Nasir
Microsoft’s Director Of Digital Transformation

“The guys at The Ecommerce Profits know exactly what they’re doing. Within two months, we’d seen a positive return on our investment, and after six months we decide to up our marketing investment again.”

Alex Nikola
Marketing Director of Yacht Supply

Service List

Performance Audit

Want to know where you’re going wrong? Then this is the place to start. For a one-off fee, one of our experts will analyse your current Facebook marketing strategy and pinpoint exactly where you’re underperforming, and more importantly, what to do about it.

Monthly Management

Creating profitable Facebook and Instagram campaigns is hard. Leave it to an expert who does this day-in and day-out to bring their expertise, energy and knowledge of best practice to your account. And what’s more, with our revenue share model, you only pay when we increase the amount of money you make.


Want to have an expert tell you how you can grow your business through Facebook and Instagram, but want to keep full control of the implementation? Then this service is for you.

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What’s a revenue share model?

We have two pricing models. The first is the standard marketing agency model, whereby you pay a set management fee, plus a percentage of ad spend each month.

For some clients, a revenue share model is more suitable. This model means that you pay us a percentage of revenue, but only if we’re able to increase your company’s revenue from your existing levels. This means that you greatly reduce the amount of risk in hiring a social media agency.

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Who are The Ecommerce Profits?

The Ecommerce Profits are a Shopify-specific digital marketing agency, focused purely on improving ROI. The team are led by Co-Founder Nelson Jordan, a senior digital marketer, with experience working with over 45 clients across a variety of different industries, both in the consumer and B2B sectors.

A certified CXL Conversion Rate Optimization expert, Nelson has also managed over a million dollars in ad spend, across Google, Facebook and other social media channels, and has helped many businesses make more money from their website.

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