Digital Marketing Services

Here at The Ecommerce Profits, we exist to do one thing and one thing only – help Shopify owners make more money from their store.

We offer four services, and each has been designed specifically to focus on ROI. Unlike other Shopify Partners, we focus solely on marketing – not development, not creating apps, just marketing.

Take a look at our services below.

Growth Audit

This should be used when you’ve been driving traffic to your Shopify store with some success and you want to increase your conversion rate, average order value, number of purchases, and ultimately, your revenue.

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Traffic Acquisition

Set up a great Shopify store, but yet to find a profitable traffic acquisition channel? Choose from Facebook ads, Instagram or Google, and let our experts bring their expertise to your store.

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Email Automation

Nailing your email strategy is absolutely essential to running a successful Shopify store. Done well, email will show the highest ROI of any marketing channel. We’ll create a series of funnels that result in a 15% average increase in revenue.

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Monthly Retainer

If you want to grow your Shopify business, but aren’t sure where to start, then you’ll like our retained marketing service. We’ll take care of all your digital marketing needs – just sit back and let our expert team do what they do best. On any given month, this can include creating email funnels, running lead generation campaigns, setting up traffic driving campaigns on Facebook or Google, or dozen’s of other tasks – all related to helping you to grow your Shopify business.

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Not sure which service is right for you?

Then either send us a message via the live chat below (don’t worry, if we’re not around now, someone will get right back to you!), head over to the Contact page, or book a ‘Dirty Thirty’ now.

What’s a Dirty Thirty?

Who are The Ecommerce Profits?

The Ecommerce Profits are a Shopify-specific digital marketing agency, focused purely on improving ROI. The team are led by Co-Founder Nelson Jordan, a senior digital marketer, with experience working with over 45 clients across a variety of different industries, both in the consumer and B2B sectors.

A certified CXL Conversion Rate Optimization expert, Nelson has also managed over a quarter of a million dollars in ad spend, across Google, Facebook and other social media channels, and has helped many businesses make more money from their website.