Dirty Thirty

Need your digital marketing questions answered? Let a Shopify Partner help…

“Getting a mentor is the shortcut to success” – Bo Sanchez

Running an ecommerce business is hard. You have a thousand different jobs to do and you’re expected to do all of them well. 

If you’ve created a Shopify store because you’re passionate about a product, and now suddenly, you’re also in charge of marketing that product, that can be daunting.

What you need is a team of digital marketing experts that can field all of your questions. You need the ‘Dirty Thirty’

What’s the Dirty Thirty?

Quite simply, it’s a 30 minute video conference session with The Ecommerce Profits Co-founder, Nelson Jordan.

And the kicker? All it costs is $30.

Just write down all your questions beforehand, ideally in priority order, and Nelson will give you his thoughts on them, based on his experienced in the ecommerce and digital marketing world. 

You’re free to ask any follow-ups, or ask for clarification. We want you to get the most value out of the time as possible.

The video conference will also be recorded and sent to you, so you can look over the conversation again afterwards.

Great, so what should I do next?

If you have any questions about whether the Dirty Thirty might be right for you, or you’d like to book a session, then just get in touch!

You can do so using the Live Chat below, the Contact Us page or by emailing nelson@theecommerceprofits.com. We’ll then send you a list of dates and you can pick whichever time you’d prefer.

Who are The Ecommerce Profits?

The Ecommerce Profits are a Shopify-specific digital marketing agency, focused purely on improving ROI. The team are led by Co-Founder Nelson Jordan, a senior digital marketer, with experience working with over 45 clients across a variety of different industries, both in the consumer and B2B sectors.

A certified CXL Conversion Rate Optimization expert, Nelson has also managed over a quarter of a million dollars in ad spend, across Google, Facebook and other social media channels, and has helped many businesses make more money from their website.