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A well designed and executed email strategy is absolutely CRITICAL to success in Ecommerce – let a Shopify Partner help…

“Success in ecommerce is about continual pressure over time.”

Drew Sanocki

You may be thrilled that someone has purchased from your Shopify store, but take it from us, it is very tricky to run a profitable business by relying on buyers that only purchase once.


Single-purchase buyers are:

  • Expensive
  • Time-consuming
  • Taxing

It can cost a lot to take someone from never having heard of you to buying something on your website, because repeated contact through marketing channels is required.

So, what’s the cheapest way to have repeated contact with your customers?

It’s email! With Facebook, or Google or any other paid channel, you have to pay the platform each time you contact a customer, be it through a traffic driving ad, a video ad or a Messenger ad. But with email, customers give you permission to contact them on a regular basis, for free!

Nailing your email strategy is absolutely essential to running a successful Shopify store.

Done well, email will show the highest ROI of any marketing channel.

The Two Types of Email

There are two main types of email:

‘Blast’ communications
Think seasonal promotions, clearances, new product ranges etc., normally sent to your whole email list, or at least a large proportion of it

‘Targeted’ or ‘Triggered’ communications
These are your fully-automated ‘set and forget’ campaigns

So where to start?
The most important type of email for an ecommerce store are ‘Targeted’ automated communications. If you have a limited amount of resource, this is 100% where you should be focusing your time and money.

These ‘targeted’ emails are automatically sent when a customer does something, or indeed, doesn’t do something.

How do automated emails work?

Once set up, automated emails are sent automatically to an email address when an individual completes a certain action that the business has designated a ‘trigger’. 

In the example below, a visitor has added a product to cart, started the checkout process and entered their email address, but has failed to complete their purchase. 

After 2 hours, an email is then automatically sent to that email address, encouraging the user to return and complete their checkout.

Now, email automation can be more complex than this. You can create funnels to welcome new subscribers, send different emails depending on what items were bought, and how frequently that customer has visited your site. You can even split off certain branches based on ‘if/then’ logic trees.

Shopify Email Automation Service

We’ll work with you and whatever email provider you use (don’t worry, we can suggest one if you don’t yet have one) to set up automated, targeted campaigns for your Shopify store. This is a one-time set-up, so once they’re done, they’re done. No more worrying!

We’ll do all the copywriting, design, and the setup of the automation for you. All you have to do is check that you’re happy with each email and we’ll do the rest.

Although every Shopify store is different, we typically see some of the same email types come up time and time again. These are:

  • A Welcome Series – this is what new subscribers will see when they sign up to your email list
  • Abandoned cart series – a series of emails sent after a visitor adds a product to their cart, but fails to purchase
  • A thank-you to a new customer or repeat buyer
  • A ‘cross-sell’ or ‘upsell’ series to encourage customers to make an additional purchase, cleverly based on what they just purchased to ensure relevance
  • A ‘bounce-back’ email – an email sent with the intent of increasing same-day average order value

Typically, these email series will result in at least an increase of 15% in revenue


Our email automation setup service costs $1,495, payable upfront.

Assuming the 15% increase in revenue mentioned above, this service will pay for itself in increased revenue inside a year if your current revenue is at least $850 per month.

Of course, if your store is generating more revenue than that per month, or the Email Automation results in a larger increase in revenue, the payback time for profitability will be even shorter.

Great, so what should I do next?

If you have any questions about whether the Email Automation service might be right for you, then just get in touch!

You can do so using the Live Chat below, the Contact Us page or by emailing

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